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Volunteer service

Become a counselor

We are constantly looking for new counselors to join our team, capable to offer 12 counseling sessions to one or two clients.

Main condition to qualify is completed or ongoing long-term psychotherapeutic training, accredited in Slovakia (Slovak Institute for Education in Psychotherapy) or in the Czech Republic. In the case of ongoing training, it is necessary to be in an advanced supervision phase of the training, which means to have your own supervisor. 

This position is not entitled for remuneration.

Entry interviews

Conduct the entry interviews

We are constantly enlarging our team of clinical psychologists who can conduct the first entry interview with our clients. Its goal is to assess their eligibility for our service. 

This position is entitled for remuneration.

One-off or regular support

Direct financial support

Podporiť nás môžete aj zaslaním ľubovoľného finančného daru – jednorázovo alebo pravidelne.

Thanks to your support of our work, we will be able to assist more clients who are looking for short-term counseling provided by our organisation.

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Donate 2% of your taxes

You can support us every year by donating 2% of your tax (1.0% for legal entities and 3% for active volunteers)

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