Counseling within reach

What kind of counseling it is?

Mental health counseling takes place in twelve sessions. The contribution for one session is up to your financial possibilities. During these sessions, we will try together to find external and internal resources to cope with the difficult life situation that has brought you to us.

The frequency of counseling sessions is usually once every 1 to 2 weeks. The total duration of the counseling process is 3 to 9 months. The sessions can take place in person or in the form of a video session.

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Who are our services suitable for?

Counseling is designed for adults seeking mental health support which has been unreachable for them for a variety of reasons..

These reasons include, for example, long waiting periods for services paid for by health insurance companies or the high cost of commercial services.

Addressing issues related to difficult life situations

Life change - in partnership, career, motherhood, parenthood, retirement...

Loss of health, loved one or other loss

Socio-economic downfall

Separation from the family

Periods of increased mental or emotional stress

Relationship problems

You can use our services if you are

  • with no or low financial income
  • single parent
  • on maternity or parental leave
  • young adult
  • senior person
  • member of a marginalised group
  • refugee
  • person with disabilities…

Our counseling is not suitable in the following situations:

You want to work on a personality change or psychiatric diagnosis. These include, for example, addictions, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder or intense depression. In this case, we recommend that you primarily seek out a specialist in psychiatry (check with your GP) or a long-term psychotherapy. Our sessions are not a substitute for long-term psychotherapeutic work on yourself.

You are in a state of acute crisis in which you or your loved ones might be in a life or health threatening situation. In this case, we recommend that you contact an emergency line directly at 112 ​​or crisis intervention helplines, where you can receive immediate psychological counseling. These helplines work thorugh chat, e-mail or telephone.

Are you hesitant if our services are suitable for you? Contact us.

Every single life story is different, which is why we consider all requests for counseling individually. We ask for your understanding if we do not comply with your request. This means that we have provided our services to another person who has been in a difficult situation and mental health care would not otherwise be reachable to him or her.

How to apply?

It is simple. If you are interested, please fill in the 15-minute entry questionnaire. The information in it will help us find out if our service is suitable for you. 


What's next?

Our coordinator will contact you within one week and describe next steps

An entry interview with a clinical psychologist will take place within 2 weeks from the first contact with the coordinator.

Within 2 weeks since the entry interview, we will connect you with the most suitable counselor and the cooperation agreement will be signed.


What if you are not an eligible candidate?

If at any stage of this process we together find out that we are unable to provide you with the counseling, the coordinator will inform you why and recommend other appropriate forms of mental health assistance.

You ask, we answer

Frequently asked questions

Consultations are provided without remuneration by mental health professionals:

  • with completed long-term psychotherapeutic training accredited in the Slovak Republic or the Czech Republic (lasting 4 years and more)
  • in the advanced phase of ongoing long-term accredited psychotherapeutic training working under the regular supervision of an experienced psychotherapist
  • We ensure that only clients for whom this form of support is useful get access to our counseling. What helps one person may not help another. Therefore, we work with professionals in the field of clinical psychology to verify, based on the entry interview, whether the service we offer is suitable for the person or whether another form of help will be more useful to him / her. 
  • We only work with counselors with ongoing or already completed long-term accredited psychotherapeutic training and who work under supervision.
  • We provide our counselors with regular supervisions and intervisions. This means that they have the opportunity to consult their work with leading psychotherapists.

First of all, we want to provide reachable services. The counselling is provided thanks to the combination of pro bono work and financial grants. Therefore the amount of your financial contribution is minimal, usually starting from 5 euros per session. The amount of the contribution is proposed by you according to your current economic and life situation. You can make a contribution once for all sessions or you can divide it into several parts. As we are a non-profit organisation, the contribution will continue to be used exclusively for the operation of the organisation. Our counselors work without entitlement to remuneration.